Saab 9-3 (02 - 11)

The 9-3 is exactly what Saab cars are about. It has the understated but classy looks and in the cabin it has upmarket materials and feel. It also has a reasonable price tag. Above all, it is one of the safest cars on the road and immensely practical. It has enough room for five in the cabin, there is plenty of leg/head room and there’s a good sized boot which can take larger items. The design of the dashboard centres on the driver and gives a powerful, sweeping look to the front. There’s a lot of kit on board and it is all laid out in an easy to use, uncomplicated way. Driving a Saab means you get to feel the benefits of an excellent chassis and well-weighted steering. Even though this has been around for a long time it still looks well and as any Saab owner will tell you, has a charm all of its own.

Look out for

•  Some of the earlier models may have racked up quite a lot of mileage by now - check the service history to make sure it has been properly maintained.

What we like

•  Neat and tidy styling; it doesn’t look outdated just yet

•  Comfortable and refined interior; well designed

•  There are some excellent diesel engines

•  There’s a decent amount of standard equipment

•  Plenty of space inside, and a good sized boot

What we don't like

•  Handling is less sporty than some of its rivals