Nissan Micra (03 - 10)

The Micra will always be one of the best sellers in the supermini class. Ever since its release in 1982, it has gone from strength to strength in terms of sales, reliability, and value for money. It’s a surprisingly practical car considering its size, although it is bigger than the previous model. There’s plenty of room. In terms of appearance, there’s a significant difference between this model and the previous one. The shape has changed, it looks a bit bubblier, and the interior has been given a complete overhaul. On the road, the Micra is easy and fun to drive. It’s nippy about town and ideal for threading through traffic. The handling is fine, the steering precise and the ride quality much smoother than before, making it an ideal choice for learner drivers. There are some really good engines that are inexpensive to maintain. They also do really well when it comes to fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

Look out for

• There were complaints made about some of the electrics failing. Test everything

What we like

•  Like the Micra before it, also great value for money

•  There’s a generous amount of safety features on board

•  It is easy to drive and would be perfect for beginner drivers

•  Efficient in terms of fuel economy and Co2 emissions

What we don't like

•  Space is limited in the rear seats and in the boot