Volkswagen Touareg (10 - present)

Back in 2003 when the first Touareg hit the market it became a huge success for a number of reasons. It looked superb, the build quality was excellent, the engines were ridiculously torquey, and it had a luxurious, upmarket cabin. With more than 500,000 sold internationally, the Touareg became a household name virtually overnight. It blew rivals out of the water, offering this great looking SUV with the practicality and performance of a BMW X5 at a competitive price. This model, which is based on the Porsche Cayenne, is more efficient, spacious, and lighter than before. Like its predecessor, it comes at a good price and is one of the only SUVs in the segment that is a genuinely brilliant off-roader as well a great performer on the tarmac. It has lost a significant amount of weight and is better to drive thanks to a new range of powerful engines, and the lightweight steel suspension. If you are the kind of driver that obsesses over standard spec, the Touareg more than ticks the boxes there as it has it in abundance, neatly spread throughout the cabin.

Look out for

•  Be sure to check all of the electrics before purchasing

What we like

•  Excellent off-roading ability. Incredibly tough and reliable

•  Surprisingly nimble considering the sheer size of it

•  The cabin is beautifully designed. Very luxurious and well kitted out

•  There are some excellent and extremely powerful engines in the range

What we don't like

•  Unfortunately there is no seven seat option available