Opel Movano (2010 - present)

It's easy to get confused with all the options offered by car brands these days but the van world is a maze of options and choices to be carefully navigated. The Opel Movano is no exception to this rule with four chassis lengths and three heights possible, you also get the choice of front or rear wheel drive. So if you need to carry 2.5 tonnes of cargo or load up with 17 employees the Movano provides for all business needs.

On the engine side of things there is one size available - a 2.3-litre diesel  with either 110PS, 125PS or 163PS. Somewhat surprisingly the highest powered engine is also the must frugal with a combined economy of 6.9 litres of diesel used over 100km, this increases to 7.8 litres in the less powerful engines. The Movano also has great safety features such as electronic stability programme, hill-start assist, trailer sway mitigation and advanced traction control. The many faces of the Opel Movano covers an enormous range of requirement and should prove a great choice for any business owner.

What we like

  • Durable interior should stand up to most things that are thrown at it
  • Good economy, especially from the 163PS engine
  • For a van the Movano is quite nice to drive
  • Lots of choice to suit most needs

What we don't like

  • Some may need a more powerful engine