Porsche 911 (04 - 12)

The 911 is an icon, coveted by thousands who would love to own one. The classic Porsche looks always remain, but under the hood they never fail to make dramatic improvements. It is all designed to provide one of the great driving experiences from a performance car. The cabin is typical Porsche. There’s lots of standard kit and safety features. But of course the most important thing people are looking for is the performance. In the cabin there is leather seating and soft-touch materials and dials to tell you how fast and powerful this car can be. This is one of the most exciting supercars on the road, delivering blistering performance. The chassis is renowned for the manner it delivers some of the sharpest handling on the road today. This is motoring at a high level. It’s a joy to throw around corners and sharp bends. As ever the engines are powerful and deliver extraordinary performance.

Look out for

•  Fuel, servicing, and insurance will be high but worth it

What we like

•  Exceptional performance and handling

•  It has the classic Porsche styling that appeals to so many

•  The chassis is superbly built, enabling it to take corners even better

•  Beautifully designed cabin. Uncomplicated and full of kit

•  Even though it’s a supercar, it can be used as an everyday car

What we don't like

•  Can be costly to buy and to run