Mercedes-Benz S-Class (13 - present)

Since its introduction back in 1972, the S-Class has been the benchmark of luxury motoring. It is the quintessential Mercedes. The latest model certainly reinforces that. It is one of the most innovative cars made with some extraordinary technology. But the driver doesn’t have to worry too much about what is going on under the bonnet or skin because it is all so seamless and quiet. The look hasn’t changed that dramatically but there have been significant if subtle changes. But inside the progress is serious. It is designed to be luxurious and comfortable from top to bottom to attract some of the wealthiest buyers around. It is one of the best cabins you’re likely to see. On the road, it is every bit as cosseting as it looks. The ride quality is exceptional, regardless of the mode selected, and it just slides through the gears.

Look out for

•  There hasn’t been any complaints about the S-Class as of yet

What we like

•  One of the most advanced and innovative cars ever made

•  The interior is luxurious, spacious and refined

•  In terms of efficiency, it is a huge improvement on the outgoing model

•  The ride quality is smooth and comfortable

•  There is a huge level of standard equipment and safety features

What we don't like

•  It is expensive to buy.